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CFJ's Jacob Speaks to College-Bound Guam Students About Program That Reduces Tuition Costs

CFJ's Rodney Jacob is a Commissioner of WICHE - the Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education.  As Guam's representative of WICHE, Rod recently spoke to a group of Guam high school students about a WICHE program called the Western Undergraduate Exchange which makes college in Hawaii or on the mainland more affordable for Guam students.  In the 2018-2019 period, 78 Guam undergraduates paid 150% or less of in-state rates resulting in a savings of $1.1 million.  Guam residents have saved a total of $2.3 million since 2016 through the WUE program.

According to a Pacific News Center story:

"Speakers at the event included Rodney Jacob, a commissioner of WICHE, a nonprofit agency with a program that helps students attend college at affordable rates.

'Our kids can get huge tuition discounts. So for example, for in-state tuition rates, we pay 150% in-state rates. Let me tell you why that’s important. If you look at the University of Hawaii in Manoa, out of state tuition is $33,000. In-state is $11,000. We pay about 16,' he said.

Jacob says that 56 students are currently enrolled in the program and that the program is not only for those interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree but a graduate degree as well."