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Calvo Fisher & Jacob's Rapadas Asks Court to Confirm YTK Arbitration Award

CFJ's Genevieve Rapadas was in Guam Superior Court on September 29, 2016 to ask the court to to confirm the arbitration award in favor of YTK in the Hotel Wharf matter and bring an end to a dispute of over 10 years with the Port of Guam.

KUAM video coverage of the hearing includes some of Rapadas' arguments to the court, Court hearing held in Port v. YTK matter.

On April 4, 2016, the arbitration panel in the Port Authority of Guam and Guam YTK Corporation arbitration issued a unanimous arbitral award in favor of Guam YTK. The arbitration panel awarded Guam YTK $12.7 million in damages plus 10% interest thereon and over $1.3 million in attorneys’ fees and costs against the Port.