Guam Law Week 2011 - Celebrating John Adams

April 26, 2011

Calvo Fisher & Jacob is once again pleased to join in the celebration of Law Week on Guam, which is taking place from April 25 to May 1, 2011, co-hosted by the Guam Bar Association, the Judiciary of Guam, and the District Court of Guam. 

The Law Week Celebration press release, excerpted below, describes the history of the event, includes a quote from Guam Supreme Court Chief Justice Carbullido, and describes this year’s activities.  Calvo Fisher & Jacob managing partner Rodney Jacob is serving as chairperson of the 2011 Law Week Celebration committee.

2011 Law Week Celebration on Guam press release:

“In 1958 President Dwight D. Eisenhower established the first Law Day as “a day of national dedication to the principles of government under law. This year’s theme provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the important legacy of the first American  lawyer president and  one  of  our  nation’s  greatest  founders,  John  Adams,  and  to explore the historical and contemporary role of lawyers in defending the rights of the accused, and renew our understanding of and appreciation for the fundamental principle of the rule of law.

“In 1775, John Adams declared that our nation is made up of ‘a government of laws, not of men.’  During this week, we ask that the community reflect on the legal legacy of John Adams: the enduring meaning of his famous quote and the vital role our legal institutions ‐‐ including our  adversarial  legal  system,  citizen  juries,  and  independent  courts  ‐  play  in  our  system,” stated Chief Justice F. Philip Carbullido.  

Rodney Jacob, Law Week committee chairperson and partner at Calvo Fisher & Jacob law firm, echoed the Chief Justice’s sentiment: “By appreciating our legal rights and valuing our civic responsibilities,  Americans  can  work  together  to  sustain  our  national  commitment  to  a democratic society under law.  Through our annual Law Week events, we hope to involve the community and educate island residents about the legal system; and, having been part of the celebration for the past three years, we have seen a greater awareness in the community of how the legal system functions, including the nursery and elementary school children who might, one day, become future attorneys, judges, justices or a viable and important part of the judicial network.”

In  2008  and  2009,  Guam’s  Law  Week  program  received  the  ABA’s  Outstanding  Law  Day Activity Award and was recognized nationally for  its outstanding efforts to raise awareness about the legal resources available on the island through the local and federal courts, the Guam Bar membership and the organizations which provide invaluable support to the courts and community.


This year, the Judiciary, the Guam Bar, and the District Court of Guam will be sponsoring another series of events designed to engage the community in the celebration of our legal system.

Events will include:

  • The State of the Judiciary Address by Chief Justice F. Philip Carbullido on April 26; 
  • Open House Tours of the Judiciary of Guam and the District Court of Guam beginning on April 25.
  • Presentation of the 4th annual Hustisia Award on April 29.
  • Mock trials performed by elementary and middle school students from April 26 to April 29.
  • Law Day Naturalization Ceremony and Citizen Outreach Program at the District Court of Guam on April 29th.
  • A Law Fair at the Micronesia Mall from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, April 30.
  • Law Day Art and Essay Contests.


For additional and regularly  updated information about Law Week visit the websites of the Unified  Courts  of  Guam  at,  the  District  Court  of  Guam  at  or the Guam Bar Association at